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Casa de la Fiesta in Tarragona

Preserving the cultural heritage of Catalonia

March 22nd, 2019
Anastasia Petrova, News from Berlin

The Casa de la Fiesta de Tarragona is a cultural facility that allows the preservation of the elements of the Seguici Popular of the city of Tarragona and that explains the ritual sequence of the Fiestas de Santa Tecla. The Casa de la Fiesta consists of a building where the heritage elements of the Seguici Popular of the Fiestas de Santa Tecla are preserved and exhibited, both declared to be of national tourist interest and of traditional national interest, and the ritual sequence is explained thus as the main event throughout history.

The Casa de la Fiesta, located in one of the few surviving examples of the local industrial architectural heritage, is heir to an earlier one that existed in Tarragona since the mid-seventeenth century. The current exhibition shows in space and time the magic of the great party of Tarragona, which takes place between the 15 and 24 of September – and promotes it to the visitors throughout the whole year. It has three exhibition halls that immerse visitors in the celebration.

Given the high patrimonial significance of the elements of Popular Seguici and the castles, since 1997 a joint manifesto was presented to the city council, the Casa de la Fiesta was presented as a cultural facility that allowed the preservation of the identity elements of the celebration, its pedagogical explanation and its tourism attraction. This equipment, which was conceived thanks to a long process of citizen participation, with the contributions of the People's Commission, the Assembly of entities and the Party Table was integrated by specialists from all over the country. It is located on Via Augusta, 4, just next to the historical center of the city, on a plot of nearly 1,400 square meters.

It came into operation during 2007 as a space for the preservation of festive imagery, trials and residency of entities and since May 31, 2008 is a space that can be visited with a permanent exhibition project. In this way, the Santa Tecla Festivities of Tarragona are assimilated with Sant Fèlix, Vilafranca del Penedès, Blancs and Blaus de Granollers, the Fiesta de la Mare de Déu of the Health of Algemesí, and the Festival or Mystery of Elche, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin