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Catalan Protesters Hit the Streets of Madrid

Last Saturday, the Spanish capital was shocked by Catalan demonstrators

March 18th, 2019
Anastasia Petrova, News from Berlin

The independence movement landed last Saturday in Madrid to challenge the judgment of the “process” and demonstrate against the far right with the cry of “No pasarán”. The protesters colored the Paseo del Prado in yellow, and marched from Atocha to Cibeles, to demand the acquittal of all those processed by the 1-O and claim the right to self-determination.

The march, promoted by the Catalan and republican collectives of Madrid, counted with some 70 organizations also from Andalusia, Galicia, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and Asturias.  

The independence movement has brought the estelladas and has shouted at the top of its lungs in the heart of Madrid that Spain is not a democracy because it does not consider the right of self-determination fundamental and because the trial that is followed in the Supreme Court against the 12 independence leaders accused of rebellion, sedition, embezzlement and disobedience is "a farce" because it is "political". The Vice President of Cultural Omnium, Marcel Mauri said that any democrat should be ashamed of the fact that the ultra-right are accusing the population and that intolerant people make the agenda. He said this based on the scenario when the Castille left shouted for the love of Catalonia. But the fact of the matter is that Madrid is sometimes such a crowded city that while some people know the issue, others are watching Real Madid and some people relax at Retirò.

Although to date the Government had opted not to publicly demonstrate this march, its reaction came in the middle of a political act. The central executive stated that "the same democracy that protects the freedom of those who manifest, is the one who judges those who ignore the rules."

"The Government has always been firm, offering dialogue to guarantee the coexistence between Catalans and among all Spaniards and has maintained a sincere will to solve the problem in Catalonia," said Pedro Sánchez's team.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin