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Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Offering current and upcoming cultural exhibitions in Barcelona

April 11th, 2019
Anastasia Petrova, News from Berlin

The Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) is a space for creation, research, exhibition and debate on contemporary culture where visual arts, literature, philosophy, film, music, transmedia activity and the performing arts are interconnected in an interdisciplinary program.

The CCCB centers its activity around creative research and the production of knowledge through a series of central projects produced in-house, such as thematic exhibitions, and other live events and digital formats: international debates, the CCCB Lab, the literature platform Kosmopolis, the Beta line of activities: projects that approach the culture of the 21st century in an integrated way along with the major transformations of the digital era; the Xcèntric experimental film festival, the European Prize for Urban Public Space, the Cultural Innovation International Prize, the CCCB Archive platform and other associated proposals and festivals.

The Current exhibition running from 10th of April till 24th September is called Quantum. The exhibition Quantum gives us the keys to understanding the principles of Quantum physics, and it does so through the joint creative work of scientists and artists. The project invites the public to browse freely, to awaken their curiosity, and to critically evaluate the new paradigms of modern science. First, ten artistic projects show how the impact of quantum physics goes beyond the realm of science. Then, nine windows introduce laboratory research work and present visitors with the intellectual achievement represented by the theories of physics in contact with the scope of advanced experiments.

The union of these two itineraries, the artistic and the scientific, creates a multifaceted scenario that raises new questions and connections, helping us to comprehend an apparently invisible reality and the impact it has on our lives.

From April 27th till May 26th CCCB will host the World Press Photo Exhibition 2019. The World Press Photo Exhibition 2019 again makes Barcelona one of the first cities in the world to display the winning photographs in this prestigious photojournalism award and the winning works in the Digital Storytelling Contest. The international World Press Photo Exhibition 2019 will run at the CCCB for the fifteenth year, organized by the Photographic Social VisionFoundation. With the slogan #veureientendre, the exhibition presents the winning works in the international contest of the same name, mostly unknown in this country. For fifteen years, the exhibition in Barcelona has offered an experience that goes beyond mere observation of the winning photos. The Education Department of Photographic Social Vision offers an extensive program of parallel activities and guided visits for schools, companies, at-risk groups and general public to enhance our understanding of current affairs and the functions, values and challenges of photojournalism.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin