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Music Festival for the Protection of Costa Brava

Offering current and upcoming cultural exhibitions in Barcelona

April 17th, 2019
Anastasia Petrova, News from Berlin

“The organizations and sub-signatory persons give a warning to the Catalan society, to the associated municipalities, town halls of the Girona coastline and to the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia in front of the enormous number of threats related to environment, landscape and quality of life in the Costa Brava.” – says the manifest of SOS Costa Brava organization.

In the manifesto, one can get familiar with the list of urbanization projects approved by the Girona government. This set of urban plans and projects will have serious accumulative impacts, both environmental, on the landscape, on the whole coastline of Girona, with significant negative effects on mobility, water overexploited resources, and on the sustainability of the territory. SOS Costa Brava is a platform launched for promoting a public complaint campaign, coastal defense actions, and initiating a fundraising campaign for the technical and legal defense of the cases.

The Generalitat of Girona already approved the suspension of some projects, including some that SOS Costa Brava advocates for, the works on those build sites will remain “frozen”. SOS Costa Brava considers it a "a small great victory" that it managed to reduce the building of some 50 houses in Sa Riera. In spite of everything, they assure that they will continue working "to protect the maximum of natural heritage".

On May 4th in Torroella de Montgrí, the organization will organize a great concert with which it aims to raise awareness and raise funds to protect the Girona coastline. Around fifteen artists, such as Miquel Abras, Mazoni and Natxo Tarrés, comedians such as Bruno Oro, actors such as Joan Massotkleiner, Joan Lluís Bozzo and Jordi Boixaderes, will perform to support the cause. According to the spokesman of the platform, Sergi Nus, the concert has two purposes: "It is a celebration for high resonance, the platform deserves a meeting party. On the other hand, it is an act of vindication.”

The concert will begin at nine in the evening at Espai Ter, it will last two hours and will be divided into three blocks. The information will be combined with the performances "in a dynamic, relaxed and entertaining way". The introduction will be presented by SOS Costa Brava. The actor Jordi Boixaderas will be in charge of reading a manifesto and a video will be shown that will demonstrate the landscape, cultural and social values of the Costa Brava and will try to attract support that can be converted into urban growth and support for mass tourism.

Tickets, ranging between 20 and 25 euros, are already on sale and the revenue will go exclusively to the projects of the platform. A “row 0” has also been launched for those who want to make contributions, but they cannot attend the concert.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin