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SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival

The 52nd Cinema Festival in the resort sun-kissed town of Catalonia

March 13th, 2019
Anna Kabilova, News from Berlin

From October 3rd to 13th, in the picturesque coastal town Sitges, which is about 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, in Catalonia, the 52nd International Fantastic Film Festival will be held, introducing fiction lovers with new masterpieces of fantastic film industry.

The film festival originates from 1968, initially held under the title “First International Week of Fantastic and Horror Films”. Also a couple of years later, within the framework of the festival, a competition program was opened, where directors still compete for the title of the best film. Today, the festival is a kind of cinematic platform for fans of the fantasy genre, who seek to learn more about new trends and technologies used in audio and video visualization in the cinema.

Every year the film festival gathers hundreds of actors, directors, and just connoisseurs of high-quality fiction films, both Spanish and world cinema. The city is completely transformed to match the festival, arranging an already traditional and beloved for all zombie parade, called "Sitges Zombie Walk". Everyone can take part in a zombie march, just enough to apply the appropriate makeup and wear an interesting costume. Do not miss the opportunity to see such a fantastic and full of emotions and event, like the film festival in Sitges, which carries in itself a world of unpredictable impressions, meetings, presentations, exhibitions, as well as unforgettable shows of fantastic films collected from all around the world.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin