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The Girona Flower Time Festival 2019

The most colorful “must see event” in Catalonia

March 13th, 2019
Anna Kabilova, News from Berlin

From May 11th to the 19th the residents and tourists of Girona will have the unique opportunity to experience the spring and breathe deeply her alluring aromas, thanks to the annual festival "Temps de Flors", held in the picturesque city of Girona, which is in the northeast Catalonia.

The Girona Flower Festival dates back to 1955, initially it was like an amateur exhibition-competition for young entrepreneurship floristry, which was held in the lobby of the City Theater. The exhibition was liked by most residents of the city, which led to its expansion and change of place, starting from the public library and ending with the Santo Domingo monastery. From year to year, the so-called festival spread to the courtyards and gardens in the old town, as well as to such large-scale sites as the Jury Square and the Narcissus Figueres gardens. The festival achieved fame after 1979 thanks to the Association of Friends of the Flowers and Gardens and the Friends of the Old Girona, which contributed to its organization on a more serious level. With the support of the city government of Girona, in 1992 the festival was declared a city-wide holiday “Girona Flower Time”, since that time it also acquired the title of international, attracting lots of tourists with its beauty and diversity.

The festival continues to this day in the form of a show, as well as a variety of competitions between designers and florists who exhibit their works for public viewing throughout the city, displaying their floral compositions or decorating the facades of municipal houses, gardens and cars. During this period, the entrance to all known private parks and gardens is open absolutely free of charge, as well as the majority of amateur participants open access to their small gardens, giving tourists the opportunity to look into the old Catalan courtyards and admire the riot of flowers.

To explain the scale of the event, it is worthwhile to bring an example of one of the unimaginable installations, consisting of 4500 Kalanchoe of different colors, tonalities and shades made by the designer Ignacio Casades Casadeval. He, like many other decorators, florists and animators takes part in the competition from its official announcement of the celebration of the city. Such creative people as well as their works can be listed for a long time, but it is better to take a ticket to Catalonia, come to Girona and make sure in live, in the richness and beauty of this chic festival. There is no doubt that on these holidays, Girona will be completely covered with a colorful carpet woven from a blossoming variety of colors. The festival will not leave anyone indifferent, everyone after what he has seen, will definitely want to plant his own flower bed or do something creative.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin