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The International Fireworks Competition in Costa Brava 2019

Do not miss the more than a hundred-year-old Catalan tradition of fireworks

March 13th, 2019
Anna Kabilova, News from Berlin

From July 23 to July 27, in the colorful city of Blanes, in the northeast of Catalonia, the 49th fireworks competition will be held, representing unimaginable shows from the most famous pyrotechnic companies in the world.

The festival of lights, smoke and colors, originates from 1891, but due to the civil war (1936-1944), the tradition was forced to stop. The festival was fully revived already in the 1970s, as an event dedicated to the best pyrotechnic companies in Spain and in the following years going international, attracting willing participants from all over around the world, and already acquiring the title of international competition.

The competition coincides with the 8-day celebration of the holiday dedicated to the patroness of Blanes, Saint Anne, which makes it possible to enjoy not only the beauty of the night, but also to plunge into the world of Catalan traditions during the daytime. The competition lasts for 6 days, so the diversity and uniqueness of fireworks is guaranteed. You do not need to think about buying a ticket, you just need to find a place near the beach, get comfortable, from where you could see the gigantic rock Sa Palomera from which all the fireworks will be launched. For a more special viewing you have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a pleasure boat.

Each interested company can take part in the competition by fulfilling the conditions of the competition set out in the contract, for example, how long the show is held (from 22 to 24 minutes), observance of all security measures, as well as clear coordination of technical launch points, which should be completely continuous and without interruption. If a team does not appear at the competition, the city has the right to impose a fine on the company in the maximum amount of 40 thousand euros. The show will be judged by a technical and popular jury. The technical jury assesses the quality, the range of products and the launch technique, and the popular jury, consisting of 40 inhabitants of Blanes, assesses the originality, color and rhythm of the fireworks.

Every year about 100 thousand tourists attend this event, which is two times higher than the number of residents of this small but so colorful town. Do not miss the opportunity to see with your own eyes so unimaginable and unforgettable sky.


Berlin Global, News from Berlin